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Do you work on construction projects in California?

Are you a project owner who needs to protect your property from crippling contractor claims?

Or, are you a contractor, subcontractor or material supplier, or design professional who is fed up with not getting paid?

I can help.

My step-by-step system shows you how to use mechanics’ lien law. If you’re a project owner, you learn how to protect your property from annoying contractor claims. If you work on construction projects, I teach you how to use mechanics’ lien law to collect money from stubborn, slow paying customers.

I’m not an attorney. But I’ve managed over $400 million of work for my clients, and I’ve been a construction manager for over 25 years.

Most of all, as a small business owner, I’ve experienced the stress and pain of not getting paid.

Bill has managed over $130 million of construction projects for me over the past 17 years. His project management and technical expertise has been a key factor in achieving our project budget and schedule goals. The value that he brings to our projects far exceeds the cost of his services. Simply put, Bill is an excellent client representative who collaborates with the entire team to achieve the design and financial objectives of the project. I wouldn’t do a project without Bill on my team.

Frank Kohler

Chief Financial Officer, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Mechanics’ Lien law was once confusing to me

It also bored me to death.

However, as a construction manager, I needed to understand how the law affected my clients’ projects. So I attended expensive seminars, read law books, surfed the Internet and took classes at a local university to learn about Mechanics’ Lien law. I was searching for a system that I could use in my business.

What did I find?

A bunch of legal bullshit that made me feel stupid and confused. So I decided to create my own system to help myself and people like you…

Lien Law for Laymen

When I learned to fly in 2001, I learned the power of checklists. You can’t afford to skip an important step or it could cost you your life.

One day it dawned on me, “why not create a checklist for mechanics’ lien law so I don’t forget anything important?”

I took everything I had learned about mechanics’ lien law and created an easy to understand, step-by-step system using checklists.

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Hello. I’m Bill Honnold

I’m the former owner of Honnold Construction Management and have over 40 years of construction and project management experience. I’m the author of Lien Law For Laymen, and I'm on a mission to help people in the construction industry use California mechanics' lien law to protect their property and get paid fast.